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Indie Board Game Designers

Dec 29, 2018

Today I chat with Arthur Franz, a complete (american) football enthusiast! We chat about:

  • How to make sports games
  • Why you can & should sell via The Game Crafter
  • & how you can play over the telephone!


Dec 20, 2018

Today on the show I chat with Christina Scamporrino. She's an Art Director in her day job and he applies that to her new game Money Buns. She helps us understand:

  • The design of everyday things
  • Why theme or lack of a theme can be helpful
  • And why she loves the beach so much

Dec 14, 2018

Today I chat with Dirk Knemeyer co-host of The Game Design Roundtable Podcast. We chat about:

  • Making historical games
  • The challenges of marketing yourself & your games
  • And who is better: Tesla or Edison?


Dec 7, 2018

I had a great time at Protospiel Madison. If you haven't been protospiels are absolutely fantastic! I chat about:

  • Games played
  • Why you need a newsletter
  • Upcoming guests
  • Feedback on Fry Thief & my new witch game


Dec 5, 2018

I chat with Jeremy Holcomb.

  • He's teaches game design at DigiPen
  • He created The White Box - a tool to teach game design
  • He lettered in chess (#nerd)