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Indie Board Game Designers

Aug 31, 2018

I just spent the past 2 months finding an illustrator. Learn how:

  • Where to find illustrators
  • How to get test illustrations
  • How you can pay for illustrations

Aug 30, 2018

Victoria Caña & Alex Uboldi tell us about their new card game Gladius where you train & bet on gladiators. They also share:

  • Their favorite conferences
  • What they'd change in some popular games
  • How graphic design is different in games than other industries

Aug 22, 2018

Learn how Kim McGrigg fulfilled her Not A Problem game. Including:

  • The troubles she had with customs
  • The best $3 she spent to help her sell games
  • Her favorite board game store

Aug 14, 2018

Today I chat with Joseph Limbaugh who has had several successful kickstarters for his postcard games. Learn:

  • How to make a game that fits on a postcard
  • Why the cool kids play Gloomhaven
  • The definition of grognard

Aug 8, 2018

Today I chat with Adam Wyse has a ton of signed games & now works full time in the Board Game world. Learn:

  • How he signed 4 games in one year
  • What non-transitive dice are.
  • Why he loves leprechauns