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Indie Board Game Designers

Oct 30, 2018

Gabe Barrett from the Board Game Design Lab Podcast talks to us about so many thing including:

  • Dexterity games
  • How to prepare for a Kickstarter
  • His ambitions in the board game world
  • Why American Football is amazing

Oct 25, 2018

Kate Tessier tells us about her game Wardens. She goes into

  • Their unique Kickstarter pledge levels
  • How to travel while designing games
  • And her love of steampunk & post apocalyptic universes

Oct 23, 2018

Jordan Draper tells us about his Tokyo game series. We get into:

  • How & why you can design 3d components (or sculptures as Jordan calls them)
  • What sort of themes you can explore
  • Why small print runs can be valuable
  • Why in-unit laundry might be overrated

Oct 18, 2018

Heather O'Neill from 9th Level Games tells us about:

  • Running a small team
  • How Kickstarter has changed
  • And why kobolds eat babies

Oct 16, 2018

Kathleen Mercury tells us all about:

  • teaching kids game design in school
  • her dragon themed dexterity game
  • and what she learned from her students