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Indie Board Game Designers

Jan 31, 2019

Zintis May-Krumis shares how he captured "lightning in a bottle" with his 1st published game Cave Paintings, why you should keep making games, and why it's fun to be bad (at drawing).

I also learned how to edit audio (yay & boo).

Jan 25, 2019

Rich & Julie talk about their game Penguin SLAP! Specifically:

  • What it's like to launch your Kickstarter at a convention
  • Why polar betters beat narwhals
  • And speed painting to dope techno beats on YouTube

Jan 15, 2019

Today I chat with Steven Aramini who is the designer behind many games including Tricky Tides, Sprawopolis, and Animal Kingdoms.

  • We chat about how to enter and win design contests
  • His design process
  • And the difference between B-17s &...

Jan 8, 2019

Today I chat with Kathryn Hymes who makes games based on language! We chat about:

  • Sign language and how it was spontaneously created
  • Why story based games are so challenging to make
  • and How to use Slack effectively

Jan 5, 2019

Today I chat with Eric Williams who relaunched House Rules on Kickstarter two years after a failed campaign.

  • Learn about what he learned
  • How to get connected to your local indie game designer scene
  • How to incorporate economic principles into your next game
  • And why Denver is the bees-knees