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Indie Board Game Designers

Sep 23, 2019

Ryan Hoye tells us about his game Icy Dice in the roll & write anthology called Dice & Ink. He shares:

  • How you can solo playtest in a game design group
  • How a game involving gender can sound wrong to passerbys
  • How to make a semi-coop roll & write.
  • And how princesses can save...

Sep 17, 2019

Len Kendall who designed Western Tropic joins us to tell us about:

  • Building games from traditional 52 card decks
  • and how to take inspiration without stealing an idea

Sep 10, 2019

I was able to chat to the inspiring Liberty Kifer who talks about:

  • Her design challenge which led to her first game - Crystallo
  • Her successful Kickstarter campaign
  • And the ensuing imposter syndrome

We also talk about why Harry Potter is overrated....

Sep 3, 2019

Chris Rossetti from Rampage Games created 11:59 and Brace for Impact! He tells us all about mint tin games:

  • Why they're fun
  • Advice for making one (and breaking your game down to the essentials)
  • and how to (any why you should) speak like an...