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Indie Board Game Designers

Nov 26, 2019

I was able to chat with Christopher Kaspar a little after he attended his first Gen Con. We chat about:

  • His first visit to Gen Con
  • Pitching a unique game to publishers
  • Created custom shaped dice
  • and the best soda known to man

The audio is a little off. Sorry about that. 😕

Nov 21, 2019

I chat about my favorite talks at Tabletop Network as well as who I think should attend this event.

My favorite talks:

  • OMG My Wife Wants two Play Your Game by Elizabeth Hargrave
  • Game Design Workshop by Kathleen Mercury
  • Game Design from a Publisher's Perspective by John Coveyou
  • The Well-Tempered Theme by Gil Hova


Nov 19, 2019

I get to chat to Jon Merchant (@JonMerchant21) who designed a great little game called Squire for Hire. In this episode we cover:

  • When / if you should protect your game ideas
  • Note taking for game design (and a pitfall of too much note taking)
  • and board game...

Nov 14, 2019

Chris Michaud, moderator of the Flip the Table podcast, joins us. He shares:

  • Why he just started designing games
  • Why you might want to release a print and play
  • How designed Roll Estate
  • and why you want to use the "speed die" in Monopoly


If you have a minute could you fill out this survey:

Nov 12, 2019

I somehow lasted one hundred episodes!

I make this a meta episode about the previous 99.

  • Who was on the show
  • How many campaigns funded
  • What the best resources are
  • and of course lots of awkward rambling

Thanks for the first 100 - onto many more! ❤️

Stay tuned with what I'm working on: