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Indie Board Game Designers

Apr 28, 2020

Jonathan Weaver is an enthusiastic game designer who is working on many game ideas at the same time and is also pitching games.

Learn how to participate in game design contests, succeed in a rural community, and jump into GenCan't

Apr 21, 2020

Will Thompson & David Thomas from Absurdist Productions tell us all about the meats and how you can make a food (meat) themed board game.

  • They share the secret to getting a line of people outside your booth
  • If vegetarians would love or hate or a meat themed game
  • How to build a local playtest group

Apr 14, 2020

I get to chat with Juliana Moreno-Patel and Ariel Ruben from The Wild Optimists.

  • We talk about puzzle design vs game design
  • Signing with mass market companies
  • and working with complex components in manufacturing

Apr 7, 2020

I get to chat with Jason Slingerland from Building The Game podcast. In our chat we go over:

  • Printing games in the US
  • Selling games to friendly local game stores (FLGS)
  • Why a designer might move from solo designs to codesigns

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