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Indie Board Game Designers

Jun 26, 2018

Dan Letzring who is both a publisher and a designer and he tells us:

  • Why he runs his own publishing company
  • How to balance an asymmetrical game
  • How to make a game with 1,000 cards


Jun 22, 2018

I attended publisher speed dating at Origins and it was a blast. I showed off my game Fry Thief.

  • Publishers gave conflicting advice so you have to parse the information. They might not be the right publisher for you.
  • They asked interesting questions:
    • How would you make your game 100 card game?
    • How would you make this...

Jun 19, 2018

I chat with Allan Kirkeby, the designer behind Itchy Monkey. An abstract strategy game about lice. We talk about:

  • The age old question - how do you start - theme or mechanics?
  • The importance of community
  • Waffles

Jun 14, 2018

I chat with Ryan Leininger, the designer behind Tiny Ninjas. And we talk about:

  • How to creatively use components & your box in your game design
  • When you might want to relaunch a Kickstarter campaign
  • How to get email addresses at conventions

Jun 5, 2018

I interview Chad DeShon, the designer behind On Tour, which is a roll-and-write game where you're a band touring across the United States.

  • He's also the creator of
  • He educates us about his mini-podcast
  • He shares the power of email for marketing your game